Father Kino, Tucson Arizona

Arizona's second-largest city mixes Native American, Spanish, Mexican and Anglo traditions. Old neighborhoods and 19th-century buildings provide a rich sense of community and history

WHAT'S INSIDE… The other Tucson

THE OTHER TUCSON is a collection of images and information not often found on most travel websites… A guide to the area, filled with useful information, Hiking Trails, Desert Sights, History, Culture, Tucson city information and more.


From Spanish To Mexican and American governments, read Tucson's colorful history and the arrival of Father Eusebio Francisco Kino, the first Spanish explorer.


A statue to a murderer and a bandit, or a Mexican hero? Find out and read more history

Tucson Traditions, Mariaches


Cultural Mix... Tucson has a rich cultural heritage with a mixed population, Spanish, Mexican and Native American influences add to the cultural life o the city. Read more.

The Cowboy, Tucson, Arizona

The quintessential symbol or legend in the American Southwest where there is little as powerful as that of the cowboy… See More

Discover old Tucson favorites, the beautiful Sonoran Desert hiking trails, great nature museums.