Tucson, preserving history in old neighborhoods…

Tucson's City Barrios and neighborhoods

Unlike Many Cities These Days, Tucson Hasn't Experienced a Mass Exodus To The Suburbs,
The Old Central City Neighborhoods Are Alive And Thriving

Piñatas in Tucson



Tucson's City Barrios and neighborhoods

Once a blight to be bulldozed down, now designated National Historic Sites

Barrio Anita mural

It wasn't long ago the city was flattening some of Tucson's most historic Barrios. In the early 1960s Mayor Don Hummel labeled the barrio a neighborhood of "dirt, disease and delinquency." But now the Barrio is "in." Homes are being restored and painted with bright colors.

The old adobe and brick houses date from the 1840s through the 1920s. Many neighborhoods are now designated Historic Districts on the National Register, and came under the protection of historic zone ordinances, controlling exterior color.
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Restorarion, Tucson's historic barrios

Hotel Congress, Tucson

The historic Hotel Congress in downtown Tucson remains one of the few old Southwestern hotels in business. Not for the rich & famous, the Congress is still popular with locals and visitors. Read more about the colorful history of the Hotel Congress.

Tucson barrios

Restored in the Barrio Historico, old adobe buildings are repaired and painted.
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Bright colors for a downtown complex.

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